Providing Meaning for Engagement & Growth

For all size organizations

Drive toward better work force effectiveness by designing programs for intrinsic motivators, training/coaching key executives in performance management, planning and objective setting, human resources management, corporate social responsibility, and other management/leadership skills

HR in a Box

For organizations without deep HR staffing

Provide human resources, strategic planning and organization effectiveness services in a flexible, cost effective manner freeing up senior management to focus on critical business challenges while minimizing costs. HR services include all aspects of managing and leading people

Change Management

For organizations in transition (new CEO or CFO, high growth, downsizing, planning for succession, merging and acquiring companies)

Conduct audits in 20 functional areas, make recommendations for change, lead implementation to ensure success through the transition period and beyond. Provided part-time, interim, or project oriented management services to ensure successful transitions

Motivating Traditionally

For all size organizations

Create and implement innovative compensation programs for salary, annual incentives and long-term awards to attract, retain and motivate staff to accomplish objectives and goals

Leadership Development

For individuals and groups

Design programs to build capabilities for organizations and rewarding lives for individuals.


For key executives, including HR executives, who usually provide coaches to others

Act as a “sounding board”/coach, a variety of business, political and personal issues resulting in improved morale and results.


For key executives and companies

Based on years of experience in the private, public and social sectors, make connections for business development.